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Graduated in Systems Analysis from the Sagrado Coração University-USC, Master's Degree in Computer Science from the Euripides de Marilia University-UNIVEM, Ph.D. from the São Paulo University-USP, Post-doctoral in Computer Networks by Campinas State University-UNICAMP and post-doctoral in Anomaly Detection in Computer Networks by São Paulo
State University-UNESP. Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems courses at Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP-Bauru campus). Professor of the Master's and Doctoral Program in Computer Science at UNESP (Bauru), and has to experience in  ​​Computer Science, with emphasis on Systems Architecture Computing and Distributed Systems, working mainly on the following topics: Management in Computer Networks, Computer Security, Anomaly Detection Systems and Signatures in Computer Networks, and Data Flow Analysis in Computer Networks.

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Research Projects Fapesp

FAPESP Proc. 2023/12945-1
2023 - current
Impacts of Code Optimization on Noise Reduction and Performance Improvement of QML Models for Anomaly Detection in Computer Networks

FAPESP Proc. 2023/12830-0
2023 - current
Quantum Intelligent Systems for Cybersecurity

Petrobras Proc. 2017/00285-6
2023 - current
WISDOM Project

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